• Thomas Funke © Thomas Funke

    Thomas Funke

    Thomas Funke is responsible for the Entrepreneurship Center Vienna at the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He is also the operations manager of the eSPARK Research Studio at Vienna University of Economics and Business, which aims to support entrepreneurs in their early stages of business. His academic career has included positions in the US, Hong Kong and Vienna.

  • Marian Holienka © Marian Holienka

    Marian Holienka

    Marian Holienka is a lecturer and researcher at Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Management. He holds a PhD in business administration. He gained his entrepreneurship consulting enterprise in Consulting and development center at the faculty (www.prc.sk), that he ran for two years. He teaches several courses in entrepreneurship, which is also his main research domain.

  • Oliver Holle © Oliver Holle

    Oliver Holle

    Oliver Holle has been active as an entrepreneur and investor in the internet and telecoms sector for 20 years. In 1992 he founded his first internet start-up SYSIS, which brought intelligent and interactive games to the online market. In 2004 he merged his company with two other start-ups to make 3united, which quickly established itself as a leader in the mobile services sector of the central European market. In 2006, 3united was taken over by VeriSign Inc., a US NASDAQ-listed group of companies. During the course of this he relocated to Silicon Valley for two years. Since 2008 he has been active as an angel investor and co-founder of a series of tech start-ups in the region. In 2011 Oliver Holle founded Speedinvest (www.speedinvest.com). He holds investments in more than 10 firms, either directly or via Speedinvest, such as Wikitude.com, Ciuvo.com, Sipwise.com, Joblocal.de and Kochabo.at.

  • Daniel Horak © Daniel Horak

    Daniel Horak

    Daniel is Co-founder of CONDA, the Austrian crowd Investing platform for corporate involvement and corporate finance. Daniel studied business informatic at the university of applied scienceTechnikum Vienna and also received a Master for business management at the university of applied science Vienna. 2007 he started his first start-up, Spoken Language System and worked als IT and business consultant. As Co-founder and CEO of CONDA Daniel is the driving force in marketing and sales.

  • Stefan Profil © Stefan Perkmann-Berger

    Stefan Perkmann Berger

    Stefan is Managing Director of WhatAVenture. WhatAVenture is a virtual learning tool to develop business concepts, provide context-aware guidance and provides access to experts and investors. Heis currently also running the Founders Battle. The Founders Battle is a competition to help students and researchers to start an innovative company. Besides that he holds a doctoral degree in the field of innovation management and has extensive experience in the field of open and user innovation.

  • Paul 20 x 25 © Paul Pöltner

    Paul Pöltner

    Paul studied software engineering and Internet computing and computer science management at the Technical University of Vienna, as well as business administration at the Vienna University of Economics. In 2001 he founded an IT services company, which he successfully leadseveral years and sold in 2008. Following this, Paul began his career at TPA Horwath. As co-founder and CEO, Paul is "the brain behind" CONDA, the Austrian crowd Investing platform for corporate involvement and corporate finance.

  • Selma Prodanovic © Selma Prodanovic

    Selma Prodanovic

    Selma Prodanovic is the founder and managing director of the Brainswork Group. The entrepreneur and philanthropist is one of the most influential business consultants in central and south-eastern Europe. She develops and connects commercial potential, focusing on creative, innovative changemakers. So far over 300 start-ups have sought Selma Prodanovic’s support. She is a co-founder of the Austrian Angel Investors Association and has invested for years in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems in Vienna.

  • Michal Šefara © Michal Šefara

    Michal Šefara

    Michal Šefarais an enthusiastic young entrepreneur, teacher and IT professional. He graduated Slovak University of Technology and later on strategic management in Comenius University in Bratislava. Beside his studies he worked 4 years as software developer, analyst and manager in 2 medium sized Slovak IT firms. In 2009 he established first company and from this time every year added to his portfolio one new success. Together with his business partners they are running: Software short shore sourcing company currently working on biggest IT projects in Slovakia, IT Security Company serving customers like US Steel, National Bank of Slovakia or international EU projects, Postproduction studio delivering visual effects on well-known Hollywood featured films, Insurance Brokerage Company serving Serbian retail market, International consulting company operating on Balkans market, Dietary supplement company operating on Balkans, Italy and Slovakia

  • Jan Sifra © Jan Sifra

    Jan Sifra

    Jan Sifra has been active first as a marketing manager and consultant, later as an entrepreneur working mostly within the region of Central and Eastern Europe. He is intimately familiar with two distinctive markets - the market of B2B services / SaaS software, and the fashion/design market. He started his international practice as an international marketing manager for Etarget advertising network, overlooking PR activities in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Austria. For next couple of years, he decided to stay in his home city for a while, starting and running designer bicycle store and transportation-related activities in Bratislava. In 2013, he joined forces with no1 Slovak bicycle manufacturer, founding Bowden Group, a group of cycling brands focusing on online sales and international markets.

  • Jakub Řehulka © Jakub Řehulka

    Jakub Řehulka

    Jakub Řehulka is a key account manager at PartnerCIS (www.partnercis.com), a dynamic company focused on increasing the effectiveness of promoting goods and services on the foreign Internet. He communicates and builds relations with key clients, and he also participates in creation of strategies for their marketing campaigns. He analyses and reports the results of internet marketing campaigns.